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CDI BRT Smart Click Dualband Yamaha LC135

Product: CDI BRT Smart Click Dualband Yamaha 135LC

Application: LC135 4 Speed & 5 Speed / Exciter 135 / Sniper 135 / Spark 135 / Crypton X135 / XMAX 125
Price: RM320
Warranty: 1 Year from BRT (ORIGINAL CDI)
CDI BRT original ada waranti 1 tahun dari kilang


Location: PMP Speedshop Batu Caves
Call/sms: 0361860420 (Shop)/ +60148230420 (Palex) / 0136282015 (Amin)
GPS: 3.229053, 101.697996

Spesifkasi :

Elektronik :

1.Operating voltage:9 to 18 Volts
2.Ignition Control:Digital MCU 8 Bit Flash
3.Microprocessor:LPC 92 Flash Series 12Mhz Powered by NXP (Philips).
4.Current consumption:0.1 to 0.75 A
5.Output (Max):270 Volts
6.Operating temperature:-15oC to 80oC
7.Number of Maps:16 Maps
8.Limiter Selector:10,000 ~ 17,500 RPM (Resolution 500 RPM)


2.Casing Material:ABS with Japanese-Technology Cubic Printing
3.Bonding:Black Water Proof
4.Shock test:10G
Spesifikasi :
1.CDI Type:DIGITAL DC System
2.Operating Voltage:8 s/d 18 VDC
3.Mikroprosessor:NXP Founded by Philips Semiconductor
4.Current Consumption:0.05 s/d 0.75 A
5.Output Max:300 Volt
6.Operation Temp:-15° to 80°C
7.Operation Freq:400 to 20.000 RPM

1.16 Ignition Curve / Maps Selector

2.16 Limiter Selector
3.Automatic Low Voltage Protection (ALVP)
4.Multi Step Ignition Curve
6.Plug and Play

7.Fuzzy Logic Adaptive Curve Algorithm

8.User Friendly


1Hemat BBM hingga 29,9 %
2Meningkatkan respon dan akselerasi
3Powerband bertambah hingga 2000 rpm
4Hemat pemakaian Accu hingga 30%
5Tenaga motor meningkat hingga 20%**
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